Brian Christopher Coulter, Pastor and Author

Working with UpperRoom.Studio was a pleasurable, professional experience.  Scott not only produces excellent quality, but he is a fun guy to work with and bounce around ideas.  From video shoots to audiobook recordings, I have been amazed with Scott's ability to make it all happen and to bring it all together.  Many thanks to UpperRoom.Studio and I look forward to our continued work in the future.

Kathy Morris, Founder, Stroke of Faith

From the moment I spoke to Scott at UpperRoom.Studio about helping us with a video and told him the VISION of what we were about, he caught it and ran with it.  UpperRoom.Studio has been and continues to be very instrumental in helping people see the heart of Stroke of Faith and what we are all about.

SARAH TELLIS, Executive Director

UpperRoom.Studio was instrumental in assisting True Justice International to effectively and creatively communicate our message of hope through video in the ever growing non-profit world. Scott has a brilliant mind, full of creativity and passion towards serving others. His gifts are equipping my ministry to reach the heart of the people we serve.