Aegean Process

AEGEAN PROCESS: This was another video created for Aegean Regenerative Medicine that was purely educational about the medical process. The challenge was to create a graphic that could be used to illustrate each step in the process. Another point of focus was the voice over, working with the actress to paint the words in a clear way. Regenerative medicine offers natural orthopedic and cosmetic restoration using stems cells extracted from your own body fat. The stem cells are activated with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Orthopedic Restoration involves delivering the healing agents directly to the site of tissue injury. This restarts and maximizes the healing process in a natural way. For Cosmetic Restoration, tumescent Liposuction is performed for shaping and sculpting areas of the body while collecting adipose tissue rich in stem cells (Liposculpting). Aegean Regenerative Medicine is available at Crystal Coast Pain Management Center. Contact Dr. Angelo Tellis at (252-636-0300) or visit the web site at for more details.

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